Andrew Wadsworth


Beginning in January of 2014, your employees are mandated to purchase health insurance if they are not covered by an employer sponsored health insurance plan or another qualifying plan. Give them the knowledge and understanding they need to become an informed consumer.

I can assist with:

  • Helping employees to truly understand their obligations under the law as well as the options they
    have based on their individual situation

  • Consumer driven education for your employees designed to make even the most novice a savvy healthcare shopper

  • Provide an understanding to your employees of what they are eligible for on the Marketplace and
    how Tax Credits and Subsidies can assist them with complying with the mandate
If you do not currently offer health insurance to your employees I can assist your employees in navigating the Marketplace to find a health insurance solution to meet their needs. If you do offer health benefits, I can also assist in coordinating your plan with outside options for individuals that are not eligible for your employer sponsored plan but still obligated to comply with the individual mandate.


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