Andrew Wadsworth
Client Feedback

“I have known Andrew for several years. He is a very responsive, knowledgeable and attentive. I would recommend any business owner that provides health insurance or is considering providing health insurance to their employees consult with Andrew.”
Larry, VP Commercial Banking

“I have worked with Andrew for many years utilizing his expertise as a broker for employee benefit insurances. He consistently brings to the table thorough and effective concepts that overall provide superior programs for our employees. He is adept at finding unique concepts within an industry (healthcare and insurance) that can sometimes prove to be relentless and tedious. His attention to detail is exemplary and his willingness to please his clients is unsurpassed. I would highly recommend Andrew; he does go above and beyond.”
Laura, HR Manager

“I began working with Andrew Wadsworth in 2005. Although my office is small he has treated my account with great respect and has shown that he values our business relationship. Andrew has been a valuable asset in analyzing our insurance needs. He has kept in mind the individual needs of entire staff before making his final recommendation for which health insurance plan would be best for the group. Recently, he has helped me update my disability policy and pointed out several things on my previous policy that would have not been ideal if I ever had to use the policy. Andrew made the underwriting process as painless as possible by facilitating the required appointments. My schedule is very busy, as are most of ours, but Andrew has always made my schedule the priority when finding time to schedule a meeting. I have enjoyed working with Andrew and would recommend him to any business that is in need of health or disability insurance.”
Amy, Business Owner

“As an Insurance Company Account Executive I can tell you that he works very hard for his clients and always takes the high road. I consider Andrew to be very ethical and conscientious in all of his business practices. Andrew is a pleasure to do business with.”
Tina, Account Executive

“Our company has been working with Andrew and The Rauser Agency since 2005. I first met Andrew at a seminar they were putting on at the Small Business Times Expo at State Fair Park. He was very thorough in his presentation and because of that, we decided to work with him. We have been very satisfied with his service and follow up.”
Mark, Business Owner

“Andrew Wadsworth is the definition of a professional in my book. In a field that might not be very exciting to most people (insurance) Andrew injects creativity and enthusiasm. We work with Andrew because he is reliable, enthusiastic and always seems to be one step ahead of the industry.”
Kirk, Business Owner

“I've found Andrew to be an excellent source of information regarding various insurance needs. His vast knowledge and quick wit are a joy to work with. I highly recommend calling Andrew when it's time to review your insurance needs.”
Paul, Business Owner